Nails Services


Hands and feet are the important parts of your body. So if you find it hard to take care of them or you want to give them a stand out look, come to us and we will do the job for you at an affordable price. 


At our salon, we have range of quality nail polish and gelish products which include OPI, Morgan Taylor, Kiara Sky, China Glaze, DND, Shellac and also the new polular SNS products.


All equipments use for services are steriallised probably after every single use. However, we encourage you to purchase your own nail cuticle nipper and buffer so we can use your own equipment to serve you at each time you visit us. You can purchase these equipments at our salon or anywhere else. After each single use, we will steriallise your equipments again and place these in a sterialised plastic bag for you to bring home and use it at other place; or we can keep it for you in a separate storage.


For nail extension service, we guarantee this service within 2 weeks, so free of charge will be available for you to have your nail fix if it broken by itself. Please be aware of nail fungal that may occur if you try to fix the broken nail yourself because if work is not done probably, there will be gap between your natural nail and nail tip which can allow water and dust to get through and causing nail fungal. So if your nail do get broken/being damaged, please have it fix by professional only to prevent any infection.











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